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The Pescaturismo Experience: a fishing tale

Have you ever heard about PESCATURISMO? If you are keen travellers and you love the sea, probably you have. But if you don’t, here we are to tell you about a nice story of the sea.

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Imagine to be in one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean sea, imagine to look forward to a nice journey by boat on  crystal blue-green water along a stunning high coast. That’s our beginning…

Pescaturismo is a special story, especially on the boat of our friends of the Delfino 1° in Cala Gonone.

You live this experience with real fishermen, people who deeply know the sea and its mysteries.  Early in the morning the fishing boat leaves the port on the east coast of Sardinia. The coast line of the Gulf of Orosei  is varied, very high because of the mountains that fall into the sea, giving birth to breathless views,  water and wind modelled rocks and picturesque grottoes.  Very soon the boat withdraws  the nets left the day before and  everybody assists to the capture of many species of fish of the Gulf: shades of red, pink, blue and green make beautiful pictures. The fishermen are so good at taking the fish from the net, their skill is impressive and something that  seems complicated becomes quick and easy. The journey continues along the coast, going ashore on a beautiful white beach made of small shining pebbles.  Sunbathing, swimming and exploring on the beaches of the Gulf  is a unique experience, and a couple of hours run very fast and then lunch on board is ready. In a beautiful pool of transparent water the boat is anchored and lunch served. It is an Italian lunch skilfully prepared on board:  a main course of pasta in a beautiful seafood tomato sauce, only an appetizer  for the grilled fish: the booty of the morning is now grilled and served abundantly, the freshest ever! The typical crunchy bread “pane carasau” and a nice Sardinian wine Cannonau accompany the whole meal concluded by fruit and expresso. Happy and full, the fishing boat takes its passengers to more beaches where to rest and explore, according to every personal wish. The last one is the famous and beautiful Cala Luna. It’s time to go back,  the nets are again dropped into the sea, and the journey is finished. If you’ve never had an experience like that you’ll ask yourself how possible. Unforgettable, we promise.